New Hopes!

Canada increases its target to accepts immigrants and welcome 1.3 million over the next three years

To assist its post-pandemic economy, Canada launched an ambitious plan to welcome more than 1.3 million immigrants over the next three years.

According to the 2022-24 Immigration Levels Plan unveiled on Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government expects to recruit more than 431,000 permanent residents this year, 447,000 in 2023, and 451,000 in 2024. The targets for this year and 2023 have been raised from 411,000 and 421,000, respectively, in previous years.

In a statement, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser stated, "Immigration has helped shape Canada into the country it is today." "We're concentrating on economic recovery, and immigration is a critical component of that."

According to projections, about 56% of new immigrants will enter in 2022 through economic class paths like Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program, and the Temporary to Permanent Residence (TR2PR) stream, which was accessible in 2021.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) expects 83,500 arrivals through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in 2022. IRCC has reduced Express Entry admissions levels through 2024, when it expects 111,5000 Express Entry immigrants to arrive.

This was the first time the Immigration Levels Plan had been announced since October 2020.

Immigration has been a major driver of Canada's economy, accounting for nearly all of the country's job growth. More than 405,000 newcomers arrived in Canada last year, the highest single-year rise in the country's history.

By 2024, the plan anticipates that overall admissions would account for 1.14 percent of the Canadian population, with approximately 60% of newcomers qualifying as economic immigrants, chosen based on their talents and job experience.