LIMA will be a compulsion from January 1st for all Nationals from the United Kingdom to  temporarily work in Canada

U.K. nationals will remain LMIA-exempt under CETA until December 31, 2020.

The UK nationals will be exempted from this rule till December 31., 2020 under CETA but from the new year, the British citizen will need a  (Labour Market Impact Assessment) if they wish to continue working.

The British nationals will be considered to process under the CETA  (Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement )till December 31., 2020 and can be LIMA exempt to work in Canada. 

U.K. nationals will remain LMIA-exempt under CETA until December 31, 2020.

Earlier last month the new transitional, post-BREXIT trade agreement was signed by Canada and the United Kingdom called Canada-U.K. Trade Continuity Agreement (TCA). This deal was important as the U.K. was leaving the European Union and to strengthen the ties between two countries as the U.K. gets a new beginning. Without an Agreement or deal would affect the Gross Domestic Product of both the countries and disrupting more than 2000 Canadian jobs.

The deal will be effective earlier in the year 2021 leaving British citizens needing an LMIA starting January 1 to work in Canada till the Canada-U.K. TCA is confirmed. The LMIA-exempt work permit category is also at their disposal if they meet the requirements. The terms of the new Canada-U.K. TCA are almost similar to the earlier terms agreed between the two countries under CETA to provide time and understanding of the terms they considering retaining for a longer time period. Under the new deal, the British citizens will continue to be LMIA-exempt.


LMIA is the process of assuring the government of Canada the need before hiring a foreign worker, demonstrating the need for a foreign worker to fill a specific job. The document obtained is LMIA document. LMIA is not a compulsion to retains work permits in all cases. There are also some LMIA-exempt open work permits. Openwork permits allow work for any employer in Canada and closed work permits allow holders to only work for one specific employer.