Canada Immigration for Afghan Refugees-Afghan Refugee Crisis – Opportunity to Sponsor

Our heart goes out to those affected by the emergency in Afghanistan. We are saddened by news of the growing Afghan refugee crisis. This is an incredibly difficult time for all those whose loved ones are in Afghanistan or who have already fled the country.

How can you help Afghan refugees?

There are options to bring your beloved relatives and friends into safe spaces such as Canada. For example, through the Group of Five (G5) program, civilians can privately sponsor Afghan refugees. The G5 program empowers Canadian citizens and permanent residents to take the initiative to welcome refugees into Canada themselves. Costs and responsibilities for the refugees (and their families, if applicable) are split amongst a group of kind-hearted sponsors. This group will take full care of the refugees for up to a year (or in exceptional cases, up to 36 months). This program is a wonderful opportunity to help those in need, but unfortunately, not everyone knows about it. Bureaucracy can make the process even more difficult.

This is where we step in: Canada immigration for Afghan refugees

We put our whole heart into working on Canadian immigration matters so we can make a difference. We will do the same for the struggles of Afghan refugees. Our legal team at ILS Canada has experience with refugee proceedings, private refugee sponsorships, deportation hearings, and successfully winning clients the right to stay in Canada based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. We are an exceptionally hardworking, well-researched, and intelligent team that handles each client’s file with the sensitivity that it deserves. Whether you have been impacted by the global refugee crisis (in Afghanistan and elsewhere), or you have your own private hardships that forced you to flee your home as a refugee, or you simply want to help welcome refugees into Canada – please reach out to us. We can help. What’s more: we want to help. Call or email us today for a legal consultation.