The invites can qualify for PROVINCIAL NOMINEE forĀ  PERMANENT RESIDENCE by Ontario’s express entry Human Capital Stream. Work experience in targeted occupations gets 703 invites for express entry on August 26. Comprehensive Ranking System score is between 466 and 475 is needed to obtain an invite according to the latest draw. Upon receiving the nomination 600 C.R.S.points will be awarded effectively that will help with the express entry draw.

ONIP invited candidates to apply for a provincial nomination if they gained a work experience under

NOC 0124- Advertising marketing and public relations managers,

NOC 1111-Financial auditors and accountants,

NOC 1114-Other financial officers,

NOC 0601-Corporate sales managers,

NOC 0111-Financial managers,

NOC 1122-Professional occupations in business management consulting,

NOC 3012-Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses,

NOC 3124- Allied primary health practitioners,

NOC 3132-Dietitians and nutritionists.

To receive the provincial nomination from Ontario the candidate has to apply for the Human Resource Stream with one-year work experience in the above-mentioned occupations. The work experience has to be in the last five year, from the date of the application. The experience has to continue for a year with no break. Jobs in the same occupation with different employers are acceptable. The occupation that qualified them to receive the invite must be the same in their express entry profile.